At Freedom Exclusive Charters we are passionate about the natural environment in the Whitsundays. The Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier Reef marine park are a natural wonderland and we love sharing our unique experiences with our guests. Here’s how we are working towards maintaining and protecting the environment that makes up the wonderful Whitsundays.


• All of our equipment is cleaned using only products that are environmentally friendly.

• Excess packaging materials are removed before departing for the day. This is to avoid any fly aways into our oceans.

• Any rubbish produced during our private charters is discarded of once the vessels have returned to Hamilton Island Marina. The rubbish is then disposed of responsibly on the using the islands facilities.

• We do not apply toxic antifoul to our boats.

• All crockery, cutlery and plastics are reusable instead of disposable.

• We have implemented a ban on all single-use plastic bags and straws on our private charters.


• Guests are briefed and educated on snorkelling techniques and reef rules to prevent damage to the reef.

• Guests are educated on the best practices and care for the reef.

• Snorkel Guides and Skippers monitor the activities of guests to ensure they do not stand on or damage the reef.

• All Freedom Exclusive Charters staff are aware of the sensitive environment in which we operate and are knowledgeable of the practices to minimise impacts.

• No handling of the marine life by our staff or guests during snorkelling activities


• All island walks through island national parks are guided to ensure guests stay on the designated track.

• Any rubbish produced by staff and guests while visiting the islands and beaches is taken away with them to ensure our environment remains pristine.

• All guests respect and appreciate the local flora and fauna.

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• Set printers to print internal documents double sided.

• Encourage staff members to avoid printing unecessary documents.

• Reuse misprints of scrap paper for note paper.

• Purchase and use environmentally friendly cleaning products in the office.

• Always buy items in bulk which minimises the amount of waste produced.

• Implemented a ban on disposable plates, cups and cutlery.

• Purchased re-usable plate, mugs and cutlery. All staff memebers are encouraged to use these or bring along their own re-usable coffee mugs and food containers.

• All monitors within the office are set to standby when not in use.

• All office appliances are switched to energy saving mode when not in use.

• All waste is disposed of appropriately and responsibly.

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